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Good news for san mateo historic preservation!

The San Mateo Heritage Alliance is excited that the  City Council recently directed Community Development staff to create a citywide local historic resources program.


Staff is to update the historic preservation ordinance, define the program to address effects to historic resources, and prepare a context statement to guide future historic resource survey efforts to identify individually eligible resources and historic districts. Staff will prepare a Request for Proposal for historic consultant support and report back to the Council in December, when the program is expected to begin. 


San Mateo Heritage Alliance is 100% supportive of this direction! It will remove uncertainty about projects that affect historic resources, including individual buildings and districts. It also will provide for extensive community discussion and input so that everyone’s voices will help guide the development of this citywide historic resources program.  We look forward to working with the City and the community to ensure this process is a success and works for everyone.

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